Meet The Dudes Of Hazard

Group Shot of The Dudes of Hazard. F.l.t.r. is Chuck Morris, Jo Vaara and Pistol Pete

Dudes of Hazard (South Africa), also known as DoHSA is a currently independent
South African stunt team, comprising of team leader Jo Vaara, Chuck Morris and
Pistol Pete.

Dudes of Hazard first, and foremost is proudly Drug Free, and portray this image
on all episodes and content. All team members are completely sober at time of
filming of each episode, with major emphasis on safety.

We offer the audience a much needed genre in South Africa, focusing on a variety
of skits and comedic settings. Large part of the episodes features original stunts
and skits devised by Dudes of Hazard.

Pistol Pete

Pete is like an instant-pain kind of guy. He often opts the approach towards his stunts as a one-and-done affair without prolonged pain. He is considered to be the most cautious of the Dudes. He often overthinks his stunts, and results in lengthy persuasion often needed before he preforms a stunt.

Having cultivated his own style, he is often seen in shorts or jeans without any shoes, or many occasions in his boxers. He doesn’t really care much for his image.

Hazard Stats:

Strength Rating: 4 / Agility Rating: 9

Pain Tolerance: 7 / Hazard Level: 7

Chuck Morris

Chuck is like a total brute. He often opts for the in-your-face approach. No hustling and goes for maximum effect. He is the most reckless of the crew, often realizing the effects of his stunts afterwards.

He pays no heed to moderation. He’s like a male model, always dressed to kill. He is never seen without jeans and shoes, and his hair always styled to perfection.

Hazard Stats:

Strength Rating: 9 / Agility Rating: 3

Pain Tolerance: 7 / Hazard Level: 9

Jo Vaara

Jo is like a pain soaking machine. His approach to his stunts are mainly prolonged pain and would not easily oversee a challenge. He is considered the more responsible of the crew, always putting the safety of the Dudes first. He is the video editor and always tries to make the crew look good on camera. He relentlessly markets Dudes of Hazard.

Hazard Stats:

Strength Rating: 7 / Agility Rating: 7

Pain Tolerance: 9 / Hazard Level: 9

When looking at all major international stunt teams such as Dudesons, Jackass, POR, Crazy Mike and PBTV, one can not deny the fact that the Dudes of Hazard show can be mutually beneficial for all parties involved. Currently, the only other group who has vaguely similar style of entertainment was the now disbanded AF featured on Mk89. We have to stress that we do not copy any stunts or footage. Our entertainment aim is completely different than AF, who relied on gross shock value to continue the show. Dudes of Hazard offers many aspects of comedy and serious entertainment, and has a wide audience with very different tastes.

We are confident that the show will be a massive success, in great part that we offer unique entertainment, constantly interact with the fans. We also hold appeal to the crowd as normal guys with normal jobs, trying to do something extraordinary. We don’t have a lot of money, we don’t have a huge budget. What you see is what you get, and the masses appreciates that aspect of  Dudes of Hazard.


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