Who Are These Dudes?

Crazy? Insane? Whack? Just some of the words that have been used to describe Dudes of Hazard's guys.


Dudes of Hazard was formed circa 2008 by real life siblings Jo Vaara, Chuck Morris
and Pistol Pete.

Initial filming commenced on a Nokia 6800 cellphone, with clips being very low quality,
absolutely no editing whatsoever. The clips however, enjoyed great publicity in Ermelo
and surrounding areas, shared via Bluetooth.

As time progressed, we started filming with a Nokia 6234 Vodafone cellphone. The
quality was greatly increased, in fact, to such an extent that we compiled a DVD with
a amateur movie, created on Movie Maker. The title being The Brotherhood, it enjoyed
great success amongst the population of our town.

This prompted us to film even more footage, more than enough to compile yet another
DVD, entitled The Brotherhood Returns. Even though the quality isn’t up to par, and the
acting was abysmal, it became a cult classic. We attempted to sell the DVD to generate
funds for a proper camera, however insufficient funds were raised at the time.

All the clips were uploaded to YouTube, our channel at the time entitled The Brotherhood.
In as little as a year we culminated over 17 000 views on some of our videos.

The success led to a offer by Fox Searchlight for a movie deal. Regrettably we had to turn
down the offer due to the fact that two of the team members were still at school.

A short period thereafter, we decided to close the account until all members were
ready to commit fully to filming and production.

Circa 2010, we were approached by Zoopy.com, a South African web service offering,
at the time, user uploaded videos and images, as well as current happenings in and
around the country, as well as internationally.

Management of Zoopy.com suggested a preliminary test run on a webshow after we
sent them a request and our DVD’s. So Dudes of Hazard came to pass, as they felt
that The Brotherhood was too generic as a name. Dudes of Hazard were decided upon
and filming commenced.

The videos enjoyed great success, and were featured on blogs and websites both in
South Africa as well as internationally. The videos were also featured in IOL News as
well as a live section we did on OFM (Free State) during the afternoon drive show.

Filming of several episodes resulted in the Dudes of Hazard name being recognized in
many online circles and branded sites, including Gevaaalik.com and Brood.co.za, and most
importantly, Break.com and G4TV.

Due to the financial crisis and recession at the time, Zoopy.com were taken over by
new management and stakeholders, who opted to cut all user content and current shows.


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