What do YOU want to see?

So, after countless hours of falling, shooting, smacking and general madness, we have decided to try something new. Every one of you have something that you would like to do, or if you aren’t up to do it, would like someone else to do. Sadism is inherent in each human being on this earth, and we all derive a certain pleasure, conscious or subconscious, whenever another person hurts himself or gets hurt. Often the feeling is amplified by seeing the other person fail in the most extreme way possible. You feel a sense of wonder, a small part of you knows that he deserved it, a small part of you feel sorry for him, but the majority of your being feels compelled to shout “Oh Snap!” as loud as you can.

Therein lies the secret. Whenever you see a clip of a kid falling on his face, a guy falling off his BMX, someone getting tazed, whatever the case may be, you just HAVE to share it. You just HAVE to!  The readers who are on Facebook and Twitter knows what I’m talking about. When you see an epic fail on YouTube or Break, you instinctively click on the myriad of share buttons below the clip. It’s almost a instant response.

Now, for the plan… If you have an awesome idea you would like us to try (Now, don’t be naive and say jump off a building or set yourself on fire), you can either post it on our Fanpage Wall or send us an e-mail to jovaara1985@gmail.com with the heading Xtremity. Pete and I will then review the idea and make adjustments if needed. If it is a realistic idea, it will be filmed and uploaded!


Also, we are planning the launch of a competition soon! We’re working on the final details, but if will involve winning some pretty cool Dudes of Hazard merch! Keep an eye out, maybe the next entry will disclose full details and what it entails!


In the meanwhile, here is a new clip we filmed in the dead of night…The lighting sucks a little bit, but it’s still a pretty cool clip. Check it out if you have some time to spare.

Until next time, share this blog, share Dudes of Hazard fanpage, check out our YouTube Channel, subscribe and follow us on Twitter too!

Much Love!! – JV


Die Laksman




About JoVaara

We do stunts and on the lookout for someone who would sign us on a Dudes of Hazard TV show.

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