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It’s been a long while since I posted anything on this blog.  Part of the reason being it was kind of Christmas…part of the reason is that Dudes of Hazard has undergone a major turning point in dynamics.  Regrettably Chuck is no longer part of the Dudes of Hazard team as he chose to pursue separate interests. The bright side is that Pete and I continue to build on the brand, and effectively introduced a new segment called Xtremity!

Soon after Chuck decided to part with the team, we sat down and had a long and serious talk (over a couple of cold one’s of course) and decided that we have worked to damn hard can came too far just to pack up our shit and leave. It might seem like a futile expedition we are currently on, and no one cares about our stuffs….but I beg to differ. We…

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About JoVaara

We do stunts and on the lookout for someone who would sign us on a Dudes of Hazard TV show.

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