This is Balls!

Vintage 2008 Ballbag. And a spinning bicycle wheel.....

Balls. ‘Nads. Moxy…..Where you have courage to do something that is either courageous and brave, or just plain stupid. Stupid…yet awesome. When you hear the word “stuntman” or similar phases, the immediate image pops into your mind of a burly, muscly guy taking hits and falls and stuffs like a boss.

Most probable image when you hear the word "stuntman"

Mostly requirements to be a stuntman takes years of training.You get taught how to fall, how to roll, how to make everything seem far worse than it really is. It all sounds good in theory, yes? Well, in most cases it pro’lly is best to know how to do a James Bond roll when falling from a roof in order to save yourself from a potentially dangerous, albeit awesomely comedic fall. It will work well in the movies, but sometimes you can see it’s orchestrated, and the awesomeness isn’t there anymore. Instead you picture the event as a well rehearsed movie piece.

Doing stunts and stuffs myself it was most obvious to me in a prominent scene of Jackass 2. I don’t know how many of you noticed this, but it’s in the Beehive Limo skit.

So the limo rolls up and Johnny and Bam clamber to the roof to release the bees into the limo. The marbles are already on the floor. So, after they throw the bees into the limo, they jump from the vehicle’s roof. Both Johnny and Bam execute near perfect parkour-esque rolls instead of just landing like a normal guy.

SNAP!! So there it occurred to me that in the scenes where the guys actually fall, do they really fall or do they stage a fall and roll it like a boss? Luckily this doubt didn’t last long, as in Jackass 3 and 3.5 they fall like dead weight, no rolling, no fancy stuff. Just BOOM – on the floor! People watching this kind of entertainment don’t care care about well oiled stunts, cool scenery and branded props. They care about one thing, and one thing only: Seeing someone get hurt and in pain.

Shows like Jackass, Crazy Mike, Dudesons, Dudes of Hazard, Dickstroyers and Prank Brothers are a success because of one thing: The approachability, ease of execution and in most cases the simplicity of any given stunt or skit.

It's easy to make a simple stunt be awesome if you have no idea what you are doing

When you watch any show where people do strange, insane and funny stuffs, and mostly stunts, the key is relating to the show.

If you watch a program or video and think: “Hey, I’d can do that! But I won’t because it’s totally insanely awesomely dangerous” then you have done it right. If the viewer feels that he or she can try a specific skit too, then you have the right direction for your show. Mostly, the majority of the human race wouldn’t try any crazy stuff in fear of scars, pain or acts going wrong. However, like ourselves, a select few adrenaline junkies with no souls come up with the most perplexing ideas to inflict hurt on one another and themselves.

A prime example is during the Burning Croc stunt, where I was holding a flaming croc in my hand, and bright spark Chuck doused the thing in turpentine. Singed off all my hair from my arm. Sizzling stuff, yes? Not really. We could have gone up in flames like bosses, running in flaming circles while screaming profanity, and end up lying in the hospital for months while looking eerily akin to The English Patient. Wrapped up in bandages and being fed soup and stuffs. At least you get to wear cool shades.

Cool shades, bro

Another prime example of sheer stupidity must have been the Pegtime Porcupine. What human being in his right state of mind would  intentionally sharpen wooden barbeque skewers on the cement and get pegged with them in the torso. The idea was too look like a human porcupine at the end, but after twenty odd skewers and numerous skewers that failed to peg, it was quite enough. It’s amazing how those skewers bun when they’re pegged into you. It’s crazy.

Yet this time I am at it again, only this time I am devising a super awesome blowdart gun to use for, ahem…various purposes. To hurt myself and others with? No sir! What gives you that idea? 😉

I remember our first skit ever filmed was Pete with a tiny BMX suited for a 7-8 year old kid, trying to do a super awesome ramp. Of course it failed miserably and he hit the dirt like a soggy sack of shit. Given that it was in the beginning days, he slammed into the ground and refused to do anything remotely daring for the next few days. Not anymore, though. Now he’s all like, yeah man, let’s do it! Bring it!

Premature Detonation!

So in the end it doesn’t matter if your idea or stunt is a failure or even if it’s a bullshit stunt that make no sense at all, if you have the right relationship with your viewers and your fans, it won’t matter. You can have all the shitty footage in the world and still be a success. It all depends on your fans. Without your fans you will get absolutely nowhere in life.

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Stay awesome, & stay safe! – JV 8)

Knocked Up TWICE with Zambooby!


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