Alternative Thinking?

Dudes of Hazard started out way back in 2008 as The Brotherhood. Our first logo.

So, Dudes of Hazard (Starting out as The Brotherhood SA) has been doing stunts for a while now. From 2008 to be exact. Back in the day we had a huge YouTube following… You can whip me with a hose if you know why. Our video quality sucked. Our stunts (skits) sucked. Our channel sucked. Our acting SUCKED big time. In general we sucked at everything. We were bad. Real bad.   Looking back on the vintage episodes and the two DVD’s we made called The Brotherhood, and The Brotherhood Returns, I can’t believe how interested people were in seeing three guys doing mostly silly and childish stunts. Well, not really stunts, but more skits and comedy pieces. What we did didn’t really qualify as stunts, or even alternative entertainment.   We have come a long way to where we are now. It’s been a long, hard road to get people aware of Dudes of Hazard and the entertainment value that our show holds.

My personal view on this is that South African entertainment should break our of the box and offer some alternative viewing. Looking at the USA, they have Wildboyz, Jackass and CKY and Crazy Mike. Looking at Finland, they have The Dudesons and some other more gruesome epically extreme body mod people… And even the UK have Back Yard Boneheads. Come on, even Spain has a group called Dickstroyers. Yes, you read it correctly. It’s not a typo. DICK-stroyers. Why the shit they named themselves Dickstoyers is beyond me, but the are some crazy Spaniards. They are number 35 most viewed in Spain on YouTube. The are sponsored by Too-Zhink and Element Shoes. That is how you get your brand out there!   And now…..South Africa. The good old “Oranje Blanje Blou” country. The “boeremusiek and sakkie-sakkie” country. Our music industry has at least been stepping it up lately with Seether cutting it big.

This Is Goodbye rocking it out. Seeing them live is awesome, Meel is electrifying!

Elvis Blue, Dave van Vuuren, Mark Haze and Locnville are seriously strutting it. My awesome friends Meel Vignetting and Colin van Rooyen from This Is Goodbye  and Luigi Zacca from Silent Siren and even Marcato with the legendary song When His Whistle Blows. These artists make me proud to be South African, and to see the talent associated with their performances, both in studio and live makes me want to bang my head every day and just jump to their choons!

They have original songs, original  lyrics and smashing choons. That’s what makes them stand out. They’re not afraid to be different, to stand out. There may be the odd person who won’t particularly like what they do, but that’s all part of the big picture! You have to keep to what you do best.

Even Jesse Clegg is slapping it out with his new album Life on Mars. You see what he did there? He could have just leeched on his dad’s fame, and went the same route as his father and made the same choons, doing duets and tours with the man.

He did it his own way, his own style. That’s where the difference comes in.

Back to Dudes of Hazard though. Correct me if I am a tad of course here, but people hurting themselves and each other is always a recipe for success. Before you think the obvious, and that is the thing we get asked the most: “Don’t you just copy Jackass’s stunts?”

This is the million dollar question my friends. The answer is short and sweet. NO. We Do NOT copy skits and stunts. It sounds easy to start a group and just wail on each other. But the complexity of the project is deeper than most realize. To keep your content fresh, original and watchable can prove very difficult at times. To come up with ideas that has mass appeal to the audience takes some serious thought. Our Twitter followers vary in taste like you wouldn’t believe!  Some of them might find a skit to be epic, while another person may find it dull and boring. You have to keep a safe variation between gross, extreme and funny in order to have mass appeal. If you keep uploading blatant pain stunts, the novelty wears thin and it’s “just another stunt”…. Should you constantly upload episodes with vomiting and eating  and drinking gross stuff, it’s going to lose the value it holds.

Dudes of Hazard crew tries to think of the stunts in this approach: “Would I want to see a guy do this?” If the answer is no, we revise the stunt or totally omit the filming of it.

Pete after his stunt called Rake on the Back. Looks epic, yes?

Just as an example I’m going to use Rake On The Back. It’s not a very elaborate stunt. We first tried to scratch his back with the rake. Didn’t work. Then he got a good old swing shot on the back. With the rake. It was awesome. Painful but awesome.

Now, the point is. A plastic rake. A guy. No shirt. He gets scratched. He gets hit. It doesn’t sound very exciting. But put all the elements together and POW BABY, you have a original stunt. Have you ever seen a guy being hit with a plastic rake? Have you ever thought of hitting someone with a rake like this? The most probable answer to both questions is no.

And from experience, I have come to conclude that South African brands and companies are very hesitant to probe the idea of a new direction that is unknown or unorthodox. Our show may be a tad out of the ordinary but holds massive potential. I have approached a long list of TV Channels including MNet, Sony Max, VuzuTV and SABC. I have sent proposals to all of these, and the only company who replied is ETV. I should commend them on actually answering my e-mail and inquiries. The rest just flat out ignore the proposal. This might sound like a small issue, but to make matters worse is that INTERNATIONAL brands make the time to answer your inquiry, even if it’s to turn you down. Example being I have contacted MTV South Africa about 3 months ago, and as of yet I have received no reply. Strangely MTV USA replied and said that they are currently at capacity with our genre. Obvious, as Jackass and Wildboyz have the USA market covered. The point being that inquiries are just blatantly ignored. At least send a mail saying “Declined” or whatever the case may be.

Most of out stunts get this reaction.

And as for sports brands, I have approached Red Bull who I have sent a mail to but never got a reply. Billabong, Power Play, Rockstar, VonZipper and various other brands who didn’t even reply. Lizzard Surf answered with a respectable e-mail saying that we don’t surf, and they are mainly surf apparel and events. That is completely understandable, and I respect them for taking the time to reply.

I am now currently trying Monster Energy, who might have an interest in our show.

It is distressing to say the least.

Anyways, here is a interesting piece of information that has come to my attention today. Somewhere, there are a large amount of hits on the term Dudes of Hazard TV. I was pleasantly surprised when a mate told me that there are more additions to the Dudes of Hazard auto-complete on Google.  It’s not easy to get it done, but Dudes Of Hazard TV sound like a winning idea if you ask me. It’s regrettable that the Zoopy show of Dudes of Hazard was cut, because there seems to be a lot of people searching for the term.

I am just stoked that people are actually Googling our stuff, and that makes all of the disappointments and setbacks totally worth it. To see on Twitter and Facebook how our fans and followers appreciate what we do is just legendary.

More options added to Google Autocomplete. So stoked.

I guess this wraps up this entry…. A tad more serious than the usual, but it had to be said.

Please join us on Facebook , Twitter and YouTube

Until next time, stay safe! – JV 8)

Check out one of our Vintage Episodes!


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