Chuck as Tastebud Destroyer?

Sounds like a bad name for a villain. Some cheap, low budget Japanese movie, or maybe a corny pornstar. Tastebud Destroyer.

After waiting several minutes waiting for Pete to blast his own tongue as he so boldly suggested, we decided it was time to hand it over to heartless Chuck. The man knows no moderation! I thought maybe he was going to taunt him a bit, build up the tension. Gun tension, you know? Like The Punisher, only it’s a airsoft gun. And a pellet. Nonetheless, it must have hurt I rate, as Pete was doing a little dance while salivating like a bloodhound in hunting season.

The bright spark to blast his own tongue came after I blasted my own nose. THAT shit was shit. Eye watering at best. So Pete said: “Hey dude, I’ll shoot myself on the tongue. It can’t be that bad!” So we geared up and stared to shoot his Tongue Blast…as it was originally called…

Nervous and jittery Pete took the gun and did the intro. I waited in anticipation for him to shoot himself on the lip or in the face, because he couldn’t see where the gun was aiming at. With bated breath we waited…he sniggered and tensed as he squeezed the trigger. It was a jam. Goddamnit. Misfire.

So...Pete was all tough with this gun. Military man of stature. Or so he thought.

This really frightened the guy…. He was already tense as shit. His hands were sweaty. Constantly wiping his hands on his pants.. his facial expression was priceless. He already started to lose the color in his face, and he wasn’t even shot yet!

Before this goes on, some of you might think the gun used with the Tastebud Destroyer is some rinky-dink cheapie that we got at some hidden Indian store with the salesman constantly referring to you as “My Friend”.

Ever noticed how many times they say “For you I make special price, You my friend”? It’s uncanny….

No, this is is a quality HFC Airsoft pistol I got at Trappers for “Self Defense”.

Think these are some cheap stuff guns? Think again! These pellets hurt like shit!

Come on, I had to have a reason to buy it! So just to demonstrate the potency of these guns,evidence is clear with Airsoft Challenge. I swear these 6mm pellets hurt more than a paintball gun.

True Story.

Anyways, back to Pete. So we waited and waited until the death and he never got around to shooting himself. Pete looked like a crane who was choking on a frog…or maybe an angry ostrich. Hard to classify his species. Again and again he lowered the gun and psyched himself up again from scratch, every time his hands came close to his face he was shakier.  So we decided Eff it, lets just let Chuck do the honors and get it over and done with.

Handed the pistol to Chuck. The intro was barely done when BOOM! he shot Pete. Nearly missed his tongue too. On the lip would be more epic, it would have hurt like shit. So he clips Pete on the side of the tongue. I thought he missed him a bit, but a second later Pete was all “Ahh Ahh Ahh” and drooling all over the place. We have a bleeder!! He sounded kind of like Dave England from Jackass. All whimpering, but he manned up quickly and at the end he said “That wasn’t too bad”….

The moral of this story is…. Well I don’t think there really is one, other than don’t shoot anyone on the tongue with a airsoft gun. In general it’s not the best idea ever. But for Dudes of Hazard that is the greatest idea.

You can check out the edited Tastebud Destroyer below….just took out all the blandness and went straight to the good stuff.

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Until next time, stay safe! – JV 8)

Tastebud Destroyer


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  1. You crazy fucks! This is almost as good as the YouTube videos! Love it!!

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