Dudes of Hazard enters the Blogosphere….

Blogosphere…. I can’t believe that is actually a word.

After sitting for the good part of  an hour to figure out all this WordPress stuffs, it seems that we are virtually up and running!

You are probably wondering what the shit Dudes of Hazard is all about then? Let me enlighten you 🙂

Dudes of Hazard is a Proudly South African stunt team, using household items in our skits and stunts. We don’t have like, lots of money and stuffs so we just use whatever we have lying around. Typical days we go bargain hunting for cheap items we can use to inflict the maximum amount of pain with.

Sounds crazy, yes? Well….don’t be quick to judge the cheapies, as it’s often the cheapline items that brings the smackdown. Example being coathangers. Buy these quality Addis coat hangers, smack Pete across the back and they scatter into pieces. But…buy a bunch of R20 coathangers from Excitement Store, and you’re in for a surprise. Those little bastards don’t break easily, they bend and become pliable and whacks down with crazy sounds.

Cheap Coathangers?

You want some proof of that? Ask Pete, he’s the master of coathanger pain.

Time and time again he has stood against these evil devices, and emerged victorious every time.

That completely sounded like a slogan or something for a medieval movie starring Steven Seagal….

There is still loads to be said, but this will do for now…. Just to get this blog all out there and live.

Until next time, stay safe!



About JoVaara

We do stunts and on the lookout for someone who would sign us on a Dudes of Hazard TV show.

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  1. hey dit lyk baie baie goed!!!! awsomeness!!!!!

  2. Jeanette aka Twitnette

    Blerrie Awesome Ou!!
    Congrats nd welcome to blogging!

  3. Welcome to the Blog-world.
    Bring the pain. . . Oh, wait, no, don’t bring it. Just show it. Ek soek dit nie :p

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